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For Twinless Twins

The Bereavement Process For Twinless Twins

Mary R. Morgan, L.M.S.W.
Twinless Twin Mary Morgan lends her insight into the special character of twin bereavement and how to reconcile our individual identity when the framework of “we” has been broken.

When Someone You Love Dies,There Is No Such Thing as Moving On

Stand-up comedian, actor and writer Kelley Lynn


One to One: Mary R. Morgan, Author of "A Memoir of Twin Loss and Healing."

Mary R. Morgan, author of "Beginning with the End: A Memoir of Twin Loss and Healing" talks about her early life as daughter of Governor and then Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller and about her search for peace many years after the disappearance of her twin brother Michael.


Obstacles: Stories of Twin Loss Trailer (Long Version)

From the words of survivor twins, this trailer gives insight into twin loss and how life just doesn’t feel the same without one’s other half. 


Grief Relief TV: Coping with the Death of a Twin

This is an interview with twinless twins Carolyn Shane and Mary R. Morgan. They talk about their loss, TTSGI, and twin loss in general.


Deleted Scenes: Losing a Twin | Our America with Lisa Long

An example of how a survivor twin honors his twinship after the loss of his twin brother.

Joys and Sorrows

Raymond W. Brandt, ph.D., Ed.D., Founder TTSGI
Dr. Raymond Brandt talks about the profound impact of utero bonding on twinless twins, and the need for survivor twins to live out their lives as multiples.

The Inconsolable Loss: Facing the Death of a Twin

Mary Rockefeller Morgan
“Moving forward with new life from deep personal loss is a long, up and downhill path. For twins, the needs and habitual themes of primary twinship get replayed like old familiar tunes, each to be heard, addressed with kindness and released.”

Open to Hope: Audio Interview on Twin Loss

Michelle Getchell
Executive Director of TTSGI shares her story and why twin loss is such a unique loss.

Open to Hope: Audio Interview on Twin Loss

Mitch Carmody, Jacob Yurich
TTSGI members Mitch Carmody and Jacob Yurich share about their twin loss.

Welcome to the World of Doubles

Raymond W. Brandt, ph.D., Ed.D., Founder TTSGI
Dr. Brandt answers the question: “Is Being a Twin Always Fun?” by reflecting on his personal experience as a twinless twin.

Research on Twin Loss

Nancy Segal
An advocate for continued research on twin loss, author Nancy Segal informs us about a study by the Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research while providing a few case examples. Click here to download Dr. Segal’s Twinless Twin Survey. Completing this survey is voluntary.

Living Without Your Twin

Raymond W. Brandt, ph.D., Ed.D., Founder TTSGI
In this article, Dr. Raymond Brandt tackles difficult questions regarding twinless twins and says there is power in Healing by Helping Others.

Utero Bonding and How That Governs Behavior

Raymond W. Brandt, ph.D., Ed.D., Founder TTSGI
A quick overview of Utero Bonding and why this is a very important concept to understand and consider for all twinless twins.

For Counselors

Twin Loss: Implications For Counselors Working With Surviving Twins (Practice & Theory)

Valerie L. Schwiebert

For Parents

Monitoring Survivors

Elizabeth A. Pector, M.D.
In this article, Dr. Elizabeth A. Pector gathers medical and psychological facts, parent anecdotes, and recommendations from experienced counselors to help parents of multiple birth survivors

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