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Twinless Twins Support Group International™ (TTSGI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Raymond W. Brandt, an identical twinless twin who found healing by reaching out to other twinless twins.

TTSGI is made up of twins who have lost their twin due to death at any age. Members at different stages in their bereavement listen to each other and reach out in the spirit of "Healing By Helping." We focus on healing and sharing our twinship with the belief that "Once a Twin, Always a Twin." Hope can be renewed for the future.


TTSGI provides a safe and compassionate community within which twinless twins can experience healing, understanding, and the opportunity to help others cope with the loss of their twin.

5 Guiding Principles


Once a Twin, Always a Twin


You Are Not Alone


Healing By Helping


Journey To Healing


Uniting Our Diverse Community

Organizational Structure

TTSGI is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors and managed by a part-time paid Executive Director. TTSGI also has several working Committees, Affinity Group volunteers, Facebook Moderators, a team responsible for producing the quarterly Twinless Times newsletter, and many dedicated volunteer Regional Coordinators throughout the United States and Canada.

Executive Director

Michelle Getchell
Executive Director, Michigan

Board of Directors

Matt Vierling
President, Board Member, Michigan

Alyssa Pratt
Vice President, Board Member, Oklahoma

Beverley Smyk
Secretary, Board Member, Canada

Larry Adams
Treasurer, Board Member, North Carolina

Margaret Daffin
Board Member, Texas

Phillip Drange
Board Member, California

Jan Konya-Grabill
Board Member, Ohio

Ed Echeverria
Board Member & Regional Coordinator, California

Domenick Abbate, Jr.
Board Member, New Jersey

Dena Stitt
Emeritus Board Member, Arizona

Regional Coordinators

Patricia Wilbee-Matesic
Canada's Regional Coordinator

Carolyn Shane
Northeast Regional Coordinator

Ed Echeverria
West Coast Regional Coordinator & Board Member

Garry Rayno
New England Regional Coordinator

Gloria Chiantella
Mid-Atlantic Regional Coordinator

Patty Kuhns
Southeast Regional Coordinator

Kim Lifton
North Central Regional Coordinator

Joyce Blade
Midwest Regional Coordinator

Margaret Gron
South Central Regional Coordinator

Lia Woodall
Southwest Regional Coordinator

Affiliate Member

Janet Baird
International Affiliate, United Kingdom

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