How can I find other twinless twins?
The best way to get connected is to contact your local regional coordinator or international affiliate. You can also visit our  facebook page.

Why become a member of the Twinless Twins Support Group?
The organization is a safe place for twinless twins to stay in connection with their twinship.
Click here to find out more about becoming a member.

Are there meetings that I can attend?
Yes. Members are able to attend regional meetings and annual conferences.
Click here to view upcoming events.

What are Regional Coordinators?
Regional Coordinators contact new twins and organize meetings. Whether you are a twinless twin yourself or a family member or friend connected to a twinless twin, be sure to contact the Regional Coordinator in your area today. Click here to contact a Regional Coordinator near you.

What resources are available?
Audio files from past conference keynote speakers and past issues of the Twinless Times Newsletter are available to paid members. Many articles and books on grief and twin loss are available to non-members on the Resources page.

Do you offer counseling or therapy for twinless twins?
No. We are a group of volunteer twinless twins and are not trained professionals in counseling or therapy. We do offer support and friendship as we all have lost our twin and are here to walk alongside each other.

I’m in real crisis and need help. What do I do?
No matter how deep your grief is, there are people who can help. Click here to find out how.

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