Annual Conference

Every Summer TTSGI hosts an in-person Annual Conference (usually during the second week of July) where twins from all over the U.S., Canada, and the world join together to experience healing, understanding, and the opportunity to help others cope with the loss of their twin.

Regional Meetings

TTSGI also hosts regional meetings throughout the year (both in-person and virtual). Hosted by Regional Coordinators, these meetings are smaller events that focus on peer-to-peer support. They are designed to be informal and aid in building relationships among twinless twins.

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups, hosted virtually, provide a platform to meet fellow twins who share a specific cause of loss or experience, including: First Contact/New Members, Alcohol and Drug Overdose, Unexpected/Sudden Loss, Suicide Loss, Traumatic/Violent Loss, Early Loss, Recent Loss, Mature Loss, Long-Term Illness, Men Only, LGBTQIA+, and Faith-based.


2024 Annual Conference

July 11 - 14, 2024
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Surrounded by the comfort and support of other twinless twins, you will discover new tools and new twin friends to help you on your healing journey. You will leave feeling renewed in spirit and more informed about twin loss and grief. You will finally feel that you are not alone. Twinless Twins and their supporters (spouses, significant others, family, and friends) are welcome.


Annual Conference Location History


1994 Fort Wayne, Indiana
1995 Fort Wayne, Indiana
1996 Fort Wayne, Indiana
1997 Chicago, Illinois
1998 St. Louis, Missouri
1999 Memphis, Tennessee
2000 Cincinnati, Ohio
2001 Denver, Colorado
2002 Detroit, Michigan
2003 Delray Beach, Florida

2004 Chicago, Illinois
2005 San Francisco, California
2006 Delray Beach, Florida
2007 Dallas, Texas
2008 Toronto, Canada
2009 Denver, Colorado
2010 Detroit, Michigan
2011 Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
2012 Columbus, Ohio
2013 Los Angeles, California

2014 Baltimore, Maryland
2015 Nashville, Tennessee
2016 Detroit, Michigan
2017 Tucson, Arizona
2018 Dublin, Ohio
2019 Huntsville, Alabama
2020 Virtual
2021 Virtual
2022 Denver, Colorado
2023 Cincinnati, Ohio

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